DAY 2 : Joy Ride & Sawfish

It's day two of the private launch of my new 'Emotional Distance' album and here are another two songs for you as well as more bonuses.

Scroll down to listen to Joy Ride and Sawfish.

"I love taking visitors on this journey"

 - Ryan Sullivan

"Joy Ride"

One of my favorite things to do and I love taking visitors on this journey when they come to visit in Cape Town, is go for a long drive around the Western Cape Peninsula.

Stopping off in some of the suburbs and small towns along the way to take in the beautiful views can occupy a full day, even though the drive itself isn't all that far.

The ocean views, beaches and unforgettable sunsets make for breath taking moments every single time I take the journey.

My aim with 'Joy Ride' was to capture the feeling of joy and beauty that the route brings me and so to further solidify it, I recorded some video footage along the way to show you just a hint of the beauty that the Peninsula has to offer.

I trust you're enjoying the bonus bits...more coming tomorrow.


This is a continuation of the imaginary underwater journey and as the imaginary world begins to feel normal, a large creature drifts by as a reminder of where your travels have lead you to.

All songs written & produced by Ryan Sullivan.

Mixed & mastered at