DAY 3 : In Bloom, Irresistible Force & Endure

I decided to give you three songs for day three, jump in below...

Scroll down to listen to In Bloom, Irresistible Force and Endure.

"My relationship with music is extremely complex and I have an eternal conflict with it...yet through it I constantly learn"

 - Ryan Sullivan

"In Bloom"

Sonics in bloom, opening up like a flower.

In Bloom is inspired by one of my favorite instruments, the Sansula I picked up along my travels in Salzburg, Austria. It is much like the African Mbira, a beautiful instrument I grew up with which I would describe as rough, raw and natural. The Sansula however is a Western version.

It's sound is refined, polished and perfectly tuned, making it more resonant and sustained.


I wanted the small and pretty sounding Sansula to evolve and grow into a fierce and powerful force and so In Bloom came to be.

"Irresistible Force"

We have all experienced the force of music and been moved by it in some way or another.

My relationship with music is extremely complex and I have an eternal conflict with it through the ups and downs of my career, yet through it I constantly learn. I learn more about myself with every single musical project I take on and through it I develop ideas and methods that can be applied to my everyday life.

Through making music I have found ways to be more efficient in managing my time, life goals, and aspirations. I'm more sensitive to and aware of my emotional reactions because of it.

I have tried various forms of meditation to address these areas of my life and struggled with the different methods until I realized that creating and performing music is my method of meditation. It's a task that allows me to switch off my conscious mind and get into a state of flow and sometimes, I come out the other side with a piece of music through which I'm able to tell a story or share my thoughts and feelings.

For this I am truly grateful.


Endure represents the real me. It's the long journey, the head down, eyes closed feeling of trust between all people on a dance-floor that drives me to create and perform.

See you tomorrow for two more.

All songs written & produced by Ryan Sullivan.

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