DAY 1 : Underwater & Terrace Tales

Hello and welcome to the launch of my new 'Emotional Distance' album. Over the coming days I'll present you with 2 songs per day as well as some behind the scenes content and bonus downloads along the way.

Scroll down to listen to Underwater and Terrace Tales.

"Music is a metaphor and can stretch the imagination"

 - Ryan Sullivan


The most creative side of art is when it is not literal. Music is a metaphor and can stretch the imagination. In this track I set out to take you on a journey underwater for an ocean deep experience through my minds eye.

Having never literally been underwater to view the ocean beds with my own eyes, I used my collection of electronic instruments to trigger my imagination and take me there in a dream state. I then filmed a collection of videos in an aquarium to further solidify the vision after the song was recorded.

Thank you for listening and I trust you enjoyed the music.

I'll send you more exciting stuff tomorrow.

"Terrace Tales"

One of my favorite night clubs in the world is called Truth, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
For 20 years I had the pleasure of being a patron, a regular guest DJ, performed numerous live sets and hosted a few events on their upstairs floor.

Before that, I even frequented the venue as a young boy when it was a snake park and they supplied snakes to my fathers pet store.

Late in 2019, the doors of Truth will close forever and it marks the end of a long and memorable era in South African night life culture.

In the early days of Truth, the outdoor terrace floor mostly played underground house music and as a huge fan, I will never forget the first time I saw Steve Lawler play there. That event had a huge musical influence on me.

Terrace Tales is an attempt at capturing those feelings I experienced as a youngster on that terrace floor. Feelings of carefree naivety, musical discovery, dance floor joy and youthful freedom.

Truth will be missed but the memories will live on :)

All songs written & produced by Ryan Sullivan.

Mixed & mastered at