DAY 5 : Comfort Zone & Detached (Staccato)

It's the last day and I hope you enjoy it...

Scroll down to listen to Comfort Zone and Detached (Staccato)

"in order for me to complete projects, I attempt to detach from them emotionally"

 - Ryan Sullivan

"Comfort Zone"

The classic sound of Deep House invokes a sense of unity and comfort within me and although 'Comfort Zone' doesn't fall into that exact genre, I wanted to convey the same feeling through the music while creating a sound that is authentic to my musical voice.

That's it my friend, the full 'Emotional Distance' album. Thank you so much for taking this unique journey with me and I truly hope it was a great experience for you. 


With my love and respect,

"Detached (Staccato)"

Completing a full album has always been a challenge for me. By the time I complete the last few songs I feel that they don't all fit together sonically or tell a full story and so in order for me to complete projects, I attempt to detach from them emotionally.

That is an impossible task in reality but by putting in the effort I'm able to detach somewhat, gain perspective and a little bit of objectivity as I approach completion.


Staccato is an Italian word used in music theory to signify musical notes that are shortened. The word literally means detached and so I set out to create a song that uses more shortened, detached or staccato notation than I'm generally know for.

All songs written & produced by Ryan Sullivan.

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